Chrome URL Expander Version 1.0 is now live!

Version 1.0 of the Chrome URL Expander is now live. It supports a ton of shortening services. For the complete list check out This extension simply expands shortened urls found on web pages you visit. It does this automatically as you browse the internet.

This is done by using the API found at

New features:
Version 1.0 now supports a on/off button that can be found to the right of your address bar. As my testing is limited to only myself. Please let me know if you find any bugs with this new feature.

Upcoming features:
Rollover expanding – This will allow you a different method of expanding links. Rather then expanding them on page load or update, this feature will only temporarily expand links you hover your cursor over.

You can install the extension from here: Chrome URL Extension – If you already have version 0.9.3 installed you should be automatically upgraded.


Special thanks to my friend @hazard_2gnt for designing the new icon!

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