以上是Google给出的翻译范例,大家可以看到原来基于短语的翻译(PBMT)、谷歌神经机器翻译法(GNMT) 的改进,以及人类翻译的对比。



网易智能整装出发 猪厂智能菌带你撩拨未来


这就是人工智能(AI)、虚拟现实/增强现实(VR/AR)等技术所带来的世界。作为目前最为火热的前沿科技领域,人工智能、VR/AR已经成为全行业关注的焦点,并在行业应用的碰撞结合中爆发出巨大的力量。AlphaGo战胜世界冠军李世石,HTC Vive引爆VR体验店,都向世人展示出人工智能与VR/AR的巨大市场潜力。






Netease smart start with the smart pig farms with your deeply moved the future

Over the past few years, science fiction blockbuster again and again into reality. Some people predicted that a few years later, humans will live in a similar Matrix country. When the real frontier technology step by step into reality, humans may be able to incarnate the second element in the virtual space to sing together; may be able to work with the giant pokemon in the real world to run; or perhaps like HER and artificial intelligence fall in love.

This is the world of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality / augmented reality (VR / AR) and other technologies. Artificial intelligence, VR / AR has become the focus of attention of the whole industry, and in the industry application of the collision with the combination of the outbreak of a huge force. AlphaGo victory over world champion Li Shishi, HTC Vive detonated VR experience shop, have demonstrated to the world of artificial intelligence and VR / AR huge market potential.

Relying on optical technology, advances in GPU technology, VR / AR hardware, new interactive companies, VR / AR games, VR experience paradise is also more and more, more and more companies rely on machine learning and in-depth learning model, voice, semantic, visual recognition; many. These companies not only become a goose factory, cat factory, bear factory, dog factory, fox factory, green plant chasing the object, has also become a pig factory Netease to enhance production capacity of the secret weapon.

VR / AR and other innovative areas of the content platform and community services in the artificial intelligence, VR / AR and other industries practitioners and followers, will rely on the attitude, depth, and intensity of the network, Of the contents of reports, dynamic, high-quality, ground gas line activities and community operations, to create intelligent innovation in the field of closed-loop reports, determined to become the first field of intelligent media platform.

Content reports, Netease intelligence will be first-hand user groups to send intelligence information, pulse series of industry reports and interviews, unique view of the foreign translation and reporting, as well as fresh and interesting products and applications live. Community operations and offline activities, NetEase will establish a membership club intelligence, relying on the "smart pig" smart and WeChat group, for the members and enterprises assigned to provide the latest information and quality coverage services; relying on " Netease will give priority to invite the corresponding members to participate in the event, to enhance the exchange of the activities of the environment and experience for members to create one-stop interactive solutions.

From today, we will lead Netease smart users (practitioners, followers, members) to the future of intelligent ships to the warships. NetEase intelligence will periodically supplement your AI, VR / AR and other black technology dry food, and we will be searching for you on Earth's latent black technology smart planet of people, the future road companions.



Tech Giants Team Up to Keep AI From Getting Out of Hand

LET’S FACE IT: artificial intelligence is scary. After decades of dystopian science fiction novels and movies where sentient machines end up turning on humanity, we can’t help but worry as real world AI continues to improve at such a rapid rate. Sure, that danger is probably decades away if it’s even a real danger at all. But there are many more immediate concerns. Will automated robots cost us jobs? Will online face recognition destroy our privacy? Will self-driving cars mess with moral decision making?

The good news is that many of the tech giants behind the new wave of AI are well aware that it scares people—and that these fears must be addressed. That’s why Amazon, Facebook, Google’s DeepMind division, IBM, and Microsoft have founded a new organization called the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society.

“Every new technology brings transformation, and transformation sometimes also causes fear in people who don’t understand the transformation,” Facebook’s director of AI Yann LeCun said this morning during a press briefing dedicated to the new project. “One of the purposes of this group is really to explain and communicate the capabilities of AI, specifically the dangers and the basic ethical questions.”

If all that sounds familiar, that’s because Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk had been harping on this issue for years, and last December, he and others founded a an organization, OpenAI, that aims to address many of the same fears. But OpenAI is fundamentally a R&D outfit. The Partnership for AI is something different. It’s a consortium—open to anyone—that seeks facilitate a much wider dialogue about the nature, purpose, and consequences of artificial intelligence.





“每一项新技术带来的变革,改造有时也引起恐惧的人谁不明白的转变,”AI晏LeCun Facebook的主任今天上午,致力于新项目的新闻发布会上说。 “一本组的目的确实是解释和沟通AI的能力,特别是危险和基本的伦理问题。”



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